I hope that by now you have a good understanding on why we have to stay on the alkaline side for optimal health and true healing. Why are fruits and vegetables very important for our biochemistry? Why are fruits the highest source when it comes to food for the human body? They are packed with electrolytes, full of flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, they are astringent, cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, nutritious and bring electromagnetic energy to our biochemistry and design. Our body effortlessly knows what to do with this highly conscious food source.

Most humans, in the early stages, start out with a lot of vegetables. Vegetables are electromagnetically lower than fruits, this makes them heavier in content and more filling. This is very common in the beginning stages of the detox. They are dense in chemistry, meaning that they digest harder within our biochemistry, keeping us longer full. Vegetables are great for opening up the gateway to the higher life force, which are the fruits. Even though vegetables are great for the body, eventually you will reach a plateau on them when cleansing and detoxifying the body. That is because they don’t have the electrical (turn on) and magnetic (pulling effect) power compared to the fruits. An example; vegetables are, electrically and magnetically, not able to regenerate the central nervous system of the human body. There is nothing on this planet more consciously driven and electrically alive than ripe fresh fruits. Vegetables are builders, great for the muscles and skeletal tissue, but fruits are able to break apart tumours/ cysts (acid balls) and congestion in the lymphatic system, but also lift up our vibration (electromagnetically) and bring us to a higher consciousness and awareness. They have a big purpose on this planet when it comes to the consciousness of the homo sapiens. The electromagnetic energy of food is determined by Ångströms (for simplicity we use angstroms). Electromagnetic energy is rated in units of angstroms. The higher the quantity of angstrom a food gives off, the higher the energy of the food. The natural sciences and technology often use angstrom to express sizes of atoms, molecules, microscopic biological structures, and lengths of chemical bonds. In our case fruits and vegetables.

Energy is the number one factor needed for life to exist. It is determined by the movement and interaction of the atoms that comprise all life. Absolute all. Energy can never die, only change form. Atoms (energy) can not be created or destroyed, only changed. Energy level can be high or low, kinetic or potential. Kinetic, meaning energy at work, and potential, meaning stored energy. Here you can see in which category each food source falls and what the average body frequency is;

Human body’s frequency (average) 6500 angstroms
Cancer patient’s body frequency (generally) 4875 angstroms

Fresh raw fruits 8000 to 10,000 angstroms
Vegetables (fresh, raw) 8000 to 9000 angstroms
Breast Milk/Mothers Milk (fresh, raw) for children under two years of age only. 8500 angstroms
Vegetables (cooked) 4000 to 6500 angstroms

Milk (pasteurized) 2000 angstroms
Cheese 1800 angstroms
Refined white flour 1500 angstroms
Cooked meats 0 angstroms

The importance of the information in this previous chart will become clear when you understand that as homo sapiens we need at least 6000 to 7000 angstroms of systemic energy, at all times, to even begin to smile, no less to be happy and healthy. When you eat foods picked fresh from nature and eat them without cooking or processing, the high (whole) electromagnetic energy of that food is transferred to your body and its cells.