We all have a unique story to tell. One intriguing, beautiful and more dramatic than the other. In the past, as a child, I always lived in the moment, there was no past and no future. The only thing that I listened to was my direct surrounding, in many cases my parents. They were (and still are) my role models in life. I was born in the year 1983 in Tehran, Iran. I lived there until my fifth year. In 1988 my father decided to take my mother, brother (1 year old) and me out of Iran. We became refugees. He knew that our future was not in Teheran. After Shah (king of Iran from 1941-1979) was thrown of and the Ayatollah (Islamic Republic) came in power, he knew it would only get worse. After a long journey, with stops in Turkey and Austria which took 3.5 years, we arrived in The Netherlands.

As a ten year old boy I was able to build al life for myself. We felt very welcome here, we started going to school and doing sports right away. Our stable and normal life started. In that time I did not experience any difficulties with my mental and physical health. Yes you could say that I was quiet, shy and somewhat anxious in social settings, but nothing noteworthy. Everything, to me as a child, seemed ‘normal’ at the time. In that period my diet was like the most of us. No exceptions, I ate everything that smelled and tasted good, without thinking about it. Around my puberty, at age 14, I started to develop some illnesses. Those were, the so called puberty complaints which consisted of pimples, boils, oily skin, and being somewhat overweight. Besides the ‘standard’ symptoms I also experienced having dandruff, mood swings, depression, social anxiety, difficulties connecting with friends, shame, being introverted, lifeless, tired, no concentration and discipline. Looking back on this, it seems quite a list. For my parents (most of the parents) these problems do not seem very worrying and quite ‘normal’. It is a normal process to go through when getting into your ‘adult life’, the doctor said. I did get some antibiotics and salves for my acne. At that time, I was not consciously aware of these illnesses, even though I felt pain, a certain disconnect and discomfort in my life. We all thought that someday it would be all over. We accepted it and did not take any significant measures.

In my early twenties nothing really changed. I started working out more to get some metabolic waste out of me. I heard and read that it might help, and it somewhat did. I still had a lot of hope that it would turn around somehow. I just accepted my conditions en went on with my life not being happy and healthy. My unconscious behaviour and incompetence as a young man went on. Besides that, I got more issues to deal with. I started turning grey, losing hair and developing more acne on my back. Mentally and emotionally I went on a downward spiral. My energy levels were still pretty low at that time. My self image and self worth took a big hit. I really did not love myself in that period. I had no idea who to talk to and what to do to get any improvements on that regard. In the same period my parents were getting a divorce. It brought more difficulties on top of my own problems. Still very unconscious and delusional. I was ashamed for myself and did not know where to go to fix this.  If I look back, I can now see that everything I had learned about nutrition, wellness and health was basically wrong.

I think that there are a lot of people that experience the same conditions and illnesses. In those days, like 15 years ago, the internet was not as big as it is now. It was much more difficult to find legitimate information online. Now we can find anything regarding any topic from the comfort of our home. That is amazing. Even now, with all the information to be had, it does not mean that I would we able to implement it right away. More information does not mean that people are automatically getting smarter. There is still a lot of misinformation out there, more than ever before. In a lot of cases my illnesses and issues had a deeper cause to it. It was not only physical but also mentally and emotionally loaded. Back then there was a lack of spirituality in my life.

For us to see everlasting change we need to undo ourselves from multiple layers of programming. These layers of programming are cultural, educational, scientific or religious, you name it. Reprogramming body and mind is essential for vitality and happiness. We all know how difficult it is to undo old habits and behaviours. Our body has become the mind and our mind has become the body. It’s a vicious circle of thinking (mind) and feeling (body). If we are not aware of this process, we tend to make ourselves more sick. De most beautiful thing that you can do for yourself is to work on your inner and outer world. It creates self discipline, confidence, strength and ultimately self love, something a lot of us lack. We simply did not learned these things. Our body and mind is really the only possession we have on this journey, even that we leave behind when we get out of here. Everything else is insignificant compared to you own health and vitality. I know how difficult it can be to change, I think we all know to some degree. Every small step is one in the right direction.

At this present moment I have been following a path of wisdom, knowledge and spirituality. This has always been around us, we only have to rediscover and reconnect with it. Same thing applies with our species food. Fruits, vegetables and herbs are the key to a higher consciousness, awareness, happiness, vitality and love. Everyday I realise this more and more. It makes one joyful to know that the path of health and vitality is a simple path to follow. Simple does not mean easy, we have to be clear about that. A lot of people, when starting out, come to know that it is not a path without obstacles and hurdles. There are a lot things to consider starting this journey. But ones you are on it, there is no way back for you. This lifestyle means ‘love life’ to me. This path suits my journey and gives me purpose and clarity. My duty on this planet is to influence as much people as I can on this path to Wellville! Much love…