HEAL ALL package (Most Valuable)

The Heal All-package is the go to package when comes to serious and necessary detoxification and cell regeneration. With the HEAL ALL-package we will be able to dissect and pinpoint the exact causes of your health conditions including the body’s systems, organs and glands (holistic approach). This package includes all the tools needed to heal most, if not all, chronic illnesses. Through an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle, diet, symptoms, genetic history, and the marks in your irises, through Iridology, we will build you the correct healing plan to reverse all your health issues. It will give us a clear understanding on which parts of your body needs the most attention, so we can bring health and vibrancy back.

HEAL ALL package includes;

  • A Health Assessment of the body​;
  • An Iris Analysis;
  • An Herbal Protocol;
  • A Detox Diet Plan specific to your needs and health conditions;
  • A Private Phone or Skype Consultation (30 minutes per week); ​
  • Educational Detox Materials: Charts, Instructions and Tools;
  • Consultation (1 hour) post protocol period (after two weeks);
    *Herbal formulas sold separately
  • Price; – $ 440 – € 375,-

Iridology analysis

For me to read both of your eyes, we need good quality pictures taken. The clearer and more detailed the better obviously. If I am not happy with the given pictures, I will let you know immediately. It makes my work much easier and brings you much more value, in terms of good iris reports. With this detailed Iridology report I will tell you all the exact areas in your body that need your immediate attention.

This Iridology report will note;

  • What your constitution (genetics) is;
  • Bring up any drug or chemical deposits in the body;
  • Signs of malabsorption, toxicity in the bowels, glandular weaknesses;
  • The areas of congestion, tissue degeneration and many more.

This in depth soft tissue analysis will show the true state of your current health status, from head to toe. ​
this instructions on how to take clear eye photos.

Price; – $ 80 – € 70,-

Post  HEAL ALL Consultation with Diet + Herbal Protocol Update

This is a follow-up call to discuss your progress with your detox and reassess your protocol. During our 1 hour call I will discuss anything you desire in terms of health. The subject that we discuss are about your detox symptoms (healing crises), improvements, challenges and your overall state and direction with this new lifestyle. I will answer all of the detox questions you may have. Sharing experiences with each other brings new insights and creates perspective. This can be elevating and needed in a world where this form of healing might be shocking to most people. *Herbal formulas sold separately

Price; – $ 70 – € 60,-

Detox Consultation via phone or Skype

If you have a few questions regarding cleansing, detoxification and healing, you can always get in touch with me. With this 45 minute call I will answer all of your questions. Also don’t hesitate to call me when you have a single question. If it requires 10 minutes of my time, it is no problem. I do that for free. Most of the time peoples question needs more explanation, thus requiring more time and effort. I will let you know immediately if your question needs more time to explain or not. I hope you understand this.

Price; – $ 50 – € 45,-

Massages (lymphatic points)

With this massage I will address your lymphatic points. On the front of the body these points are located on your head, hips, chest, neck and shoulder area. The back of the body, parallel to the spinal cord, has also a lot of lymphatic points. By thoroughly massaging the points, we are able to assist for better drainage of the lymphatic system. This massage takes 45 minutes.

Price; – $ 45 – € 40,-

Total: € -