Human health should not be complex, in my opinion. There are many theories and practicalities when it comes to food and the consumption of it. If you think of professional athletes, bodybuilders, runners, etc. They all have a type of diet that suits their performance and aesthetics. They swear by it on a daily base. Does it mean that it is the most optimal for the longevity of the human body?  There are a lot of conflicting studies around this topic. How should one know what food source is optimal for our body!?

An important question; how do we determine what type of food chemistry is the best fuel (optimal performance), nourishing (cleansing and regenerative) and in harmony (disease free) with the human body? 

This question, throughout my own research and experiences, has brought me to the following conclusion; that the proper food for the homo sapiens has to be fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Throughout this website I hope you get a greater understanding on why this might be the case.

If we look at the cultural and religious indoctrination and the propaganda of the meat and dairy industry, it becomes clear that we as homo sapiens are out of balance and not in harmony with nature’s design. There is lots of data showing that people all over the world, through under- and overconsumption, are suffering from all kinds of chronic illnesses. In the US there is the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and in The Netherlands (where I live) there is a website called Volksgezondheid en Zorg. Many of the “diseases” are reversible, just with proper (fruit) diet alone. Combining that data with the knowledge of the design and biochemistry of the homo sapiens, then we should be able to get good idea on where our focus should be regarding optimal health.

There are so many people on YouTube sharing their experiences on a raw vegan (fruit) diet and how they, with the help of a coach, came off their medication and reversed their chronic illnesses, these testimonials are essential. Thanks to the internet, where we are connecting much easier than ever before, it becomes obvious that people around the world are living this lifestyle for the majority of their life’s and are sharing their experiences with the rest of the world, for the sole purpose of educating and inspiring others to do the same. There is no doubt in my mind and hart that when humans incorporate this lifestyle, they immediately reap the benefits of it. It becomes a fact, and it already is, when humans all over the world get together and share their wisdom, experiences and make testimonials about their journey. The only difference between humans who know this to be true and people who do not, is just a matter of practicality. My mantra to everyone; ‘do it, to know it’ !