Welcome to the wonderful world of detoxification and regeneration of the human body. A divine part of you made the choice to be here and hopefully take on the knowledge of detoxification and cell regeneration so you can experience it for yourself.

Throughout this website I will take you on a journey were you can get an understanding regarding the design and biochemistry of the human body, the power of fruits and vegetables and the role of botanicals regarding your organs and glands. With that you can hopefully see the simplicity of the human body and its recommended diet for true healing, so you have a better understanding and greater chance of getting well and vibrant.

With my guidance as a Detox Specialist and Iridologist, combined with your own strength and willpower, we will succeed and bring back peace and happiness to our world, where we can experience more bliss and love.

I, Mehdi Delghandi, am not a medical Doctor, and I do not treat or diagnose any disease. No advice given should be taken as such. All information given on this website and course is for educational purposes only.